WWDHS Members General Meeting

February 19, 2018 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Museum of the Riverina, Botanic Gardens
Lord Baden Powell Drive
Wagga Wagga NSW 2650
Peter Gissing
0419 358 063

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  1. Anne Flood says:

    Hello Wagga Wagga Historical Society,
    I am Anne Flood and I am an author and historian especially regarding the Light Horse in WW1. In the beginning of 2016, in addition to continuing with my second book on the Light horse I have been focusing on the men whose names are on the Wagga Wagga WW1 cenotaph and who died in the service of their country.

    Since the beginning of 2016 I have created an Excel spread sheet from the NSW Register and have managed to research all details including the names, units, date of death and place of death and other information and am now adding occupation and address at time of enlisting to the spreads sheet. The beauty of an Excel spread sheet is that one can sort by any field – name, date of death etc to organise information.
    As I have gone through the names I have printed off all information from the Honour Roll, plus family circular and Red Cross information for all soldiers (where available) and now have a crate full of hard copies of all information from the Honour Roll.
    I have been working with Ken Grimson and Michelle Maddison since mid 2014 regarding DA coverage of soldiers and also major incidents and battles fought each year and we are really happy with the coverage of WW1 and the telling of the men’s stories, Michelle, chiefly giving details of individual men that have been printed each Weekend Advertiser.

    Through the spread sheet, Ken and I have been able to identify the men who died in key battles in 1916 including Fromelles 19 July, Pozieres 20 July – 5 September, 1916 , also at Romani 4 – 7 August 1916 the latter being the first military victory for the British in WW1. I know a lot about the action in the Sinai and Palestine with the Light Horse as it is the basis for my second book about the 1st Light Horse Regiment, (part of the 1st Light Horse Brigade) that was my grandfather’s unit. Ken will be focusing on these three actions in 2016 including the names of local men who fought and who died in each battle.

    I would like to join and come to a meeting of the Historical Society to present what I have accumulated as I would like to put it in print in some form, to honour and give details of each man named on the Wagga cenotaph who died in the service of their country. I would like to apply for some grants to assist in the publishing of this material, as so far it has been costly only in time and also printing and paper, but would need to obtain assistance to present this material in a book that can be made available for Wagga people to purchase and read about each man, possibly their ancestors / family members.

    I would greatly appreciate assistance from members of the Historical Society in applying for grants and putting a publication together with graphic design and editing and publishing. I do not want to make any personal profit out of this publication, but the honour and privilege of telling the stories of the young men and boys who heard the call and went to war to fight tyranny, for freedom and to stand beside a mate.
    I would appreciate a reply and am happy to come to a meeting of the Historical Society to talk further about this idea.
    Take care
    Anne Flood
    Dr Anne Flood PhD
    Telephone: 0407219741 0269213029
    28 Fox Street, Wagga Wagga NSW 2650

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